Human Cosmos

In times of uncertainty, we all seek a sense of certainty and direction.
Human Cosmos can help you navigate through the most vital areas of your life to gain in-depth insights into how to improve your interaction with the world around you, and achieve a higher level of self-awareness, developing your full potential.

Align Your Life with the Stars

•‎ Mathematically built.
•‎ Your 24/7 AI-based guide.
‎ •‎ Empathic and understanding.
Human Cosmos is designed to help
you live better
Unveil what the future holds with full access to the extended astrological forecast on each aspect of your life.
Conquer your fears to march into the new day with confidence and hope
Your unique 'Human Design' chart gives a 360 degree vision of who you are, helping you get to know yourself better, turning your weaknesses into strengths.
Take a closer look at your Greater Self with 'Human Design'
Although some things we encounter are hard to control, our daily recommendations will help you stay fully present and energized, maximizing your ability to cope and prevail.
A powerful source of energy and motivation when you're feeling drained
Prevent anxiety and stress overwhelming you — no matter what! Our wide range of meditations and practices is there to help you in moments of particular need or confusion, 24/7.
Sharpen your mind with our individualised, guided wellbeing practices
Human Cosmos Unique Features
One-of-a-kind Human Design chart
Human Design is a unique tool to understand yourself better, uncover the hidden aspects of your being, and develop a more effective approach to interacting with the world around you. Your birthday can tell a lot about you.
Private space for your thoughts
We all have thoughts we're afraid or anxious to talk about. Capture them in our online journal. That will help you significantly improve your mental health, let off steam, and regain control over your emotions.
Personalized real-time forecasts
Turn astrology to your advantage by dispelling doubts, getting insights, and joining the dots in your life. We read the stars and generate daily in-depth forecasts to keep you tuned in to a broader picture of your life.
Guided practices and meditations
Whenever you need a break or restore your balance and peace of mind, you'll definitely find something that suits you and your mood best, helping you stay calm and focused and in the moment during uncertain and challenging times.
Keep a journal — your private space for your thoughts
 a wide choice of guided practices and meditations
Download it now and you will get
Full database of practices
Access to the extended astrological forecast (sorted by spheres or planets)
Individual selection of practices based on your personal analysis
7 days free trial period with all the application features
Increased anxiety
"I live in a big city and work in a large corporation. I like my active lifestyle and have a pretty successful career, but I sometimes felt very anxious and worried. It was taking me ages to fall asleep because I lay awake in bed rehashing my entire day and trying to make plans for the future, drowning in my fears, driving myself crazy with self-doubt. On top of it all, the pandemic had worn me out, I was exhausted from all the multitasking and endless zoom conference calls.

I was saved by… an app. That's right, a simple phone app! Human Cosmos App helped me relax and calm my nerves. I started listening to the "Anxiety" practice every evening – it's a really relaxing and practical program that calms your mind and gives you concrete suggestions for managing your stress. In my worst moments of severe negative feelings, Human Cosmos App taught me to observe my emotions and work through my stress holistically. Sometimes I listen to practices that teach finding calm and serenity, but mostly I just listen to calming music. It's my way of meditating. I'm sleeping better and I no longer feel stressed and on the verge of burnout. Who said gadgets are bad for you?"
User Stories
Check out other Humans Cosmos users' experiences of successfully overcoming fears, finding a sense of purpose and direction, and relieving stress and anxiety.
"The Artificial Intelligence system of the Human Cosmos App (called the AI Cosmic Guide) analyzes all the factors, provides a holistic diagnosis, and suggests your purpose"
"Personal assistant for effective work with personal goals and maintaining overall mental and emotional health"
"The app aims to help people in solving four basic problems: emotional burnout, weak immunity, stagnation in career or partnership relations "
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Take control of the events in your day, and what you can achieve.
Why do you ask the 'When', 'Where', and 'What time' questions about your birthday?
There's no conspiracy behind it: based on your answers, the Human Cosmos algorithm compiles and interprets your unique chart generating highly personalized horoscopes and providing you with invaluable insights into the vital aspects of life.
How does the app work?
To offer you the highest level of accuracy, we build our calculations on 8000 years of data gathered through the Swiss Ephemeris (largely developed by NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab), tracking planetary positions and merging them with a user's exclusive chart, based on his/her 'where, when, and what time' details. To get a complete horoscope, we draw up your personal Human Design chart giving you detailed information on each of the six most crucial aspects of life. Human Cosmos is your personal roadmap for living the fullest possible life on Earth, while also aligning it with the stars.
Is the information generated by the app reliable?
The Human Cosmos approach to processing and generating information is mathematically proven and widely used for astrological purposes. While there is a magnitude of information we can gain from the stars, we are the ones who are responsible for our own decisions. The app is an instrument to make those decisions clearer and simpler.
How should I use Human Cosmos in my everyday life?
Human Cosmos provides you with astrological insights into the six most essential aspects of life. You may consider them as recommendations or pieces of advice to take into account while handling the challenges or minutiae of everyday life. You can also use the app as a journal for taking notes and keeping track of your emotions and inner thoughts and feelings. To reinforce that, and enable you as much as possible, Human Cosmos features a broad choice of practices and meditations to recalibrate your mental focus if you are disturbed, to calm you down if you're stressed, and to restore presence of mind if something troubles or upsets you.
Is Human Cosmos free of charge?
Downloading Human Cosmos and using the app during the trial period (7 days) is free. You can access all the features though subscribing to our Premium plan for $9.99/month; $29,99/year; $59,99/lifetime.
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