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The Human Cosmos App is your personal AI-driven assistant that combines mindfulness, psychology, human design and astrology to create a special development plan to live better.
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"The Artificial Intelligence system of the Human Cosmos App (called the AI Cosmic Guide) analyzes all the factors, provides a holistic diagnosis, and suggests your purpose"
"Personal assistant for effective work with personal goals and maintaining overall mental and emotional health"
"The app aims to help people in solving four basic problems: emotional burnout, weak immunity, stagnation in career or partnership relations "
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We created an AI system that deeply and continuously analyzes the person and creates a customized action plan.

Consider it a guide that offers daily practical recommendations – like mindfulness meditation – that also forecasts to help you achieve your goals – in every phase of life.
What is Human Cosmos?
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Full database of practices
Access to the extended astrological forecast (sorted by spheres or planets)
Individual selection of practices based on your personal analysis
Podcast with the App's Founder
Special podcast with Aliya Grig - CEO of Human Cosmos App and The Cosmos City - from UHNWI data, the biggest database of billionaires and multi millionaires.
Core features
AI-powered astro daily directions
Get personalized astrological forecasts every day. Read the forecasts separately for each sphere of your life or for each planet. No sun signs, no generalized texts, only customized forecasts specially for you.
Extended psychological diagnosis
Specially developed psychological diagnostics to identify the underlying states of life spheres. Based on the diagnostics results it is possible to recommend the instruments and solutions that will be effective for you.
Human Design profile
Discover your fundamental features, strong and weak sides in order to know yourself better and uncover your full potential.
Ever-growing base of practices
A variety of mindfulness & meditation practices for any need, format and duration. The Human Cosmos will select the most suitable practices for your mood and emotions.
Astra chatbot
Chat with your 24/7 personal digital assistant Astra to validate your goals and intentions. Astra will always suggest the most suitable practice, exercise or podcast anytime you need.
Personal journal
Make a habit of tracking your moods, feelings and thoughts to discover more insights about yourself and get the most relevant recommendations from your personal AI-Guide.
Lack of life purpose
Life imbalance
User Stories
Check out the stories of our users about the interaction with the Human Cosmos app and the successes they had with their problems or needs.
Increased anxiety
It was right decision to instal it )) love it, so helpful
Great app! Helps to control more aspects of being, understand and improve many layers!
Helpful app
Helping a lot with a daily activity
Great app for self-development
Very convenient format, all together - astrology, meditations, self-development

What our users say

I am the eye
Mark Smithson
Does mindfulness actually work?
Mindfulness has been shown to improve well-being, physical health, and mental health, when practiced regularly.
How quickly does mindfulness work?
Some experts believe that mindfulness works, in part, by helping people to accept their experiences—including painful emotions—rather than react to them with aversion and avoidance. To that end, there is no specific timeframe given for its effectiveness; everyone has a different experience. That being said, studies have shown that it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to see results.
What are the negative effects of mindfulness?
Studies have shown that some people develop "false memories," which are a product of the mind moving away from reality during meditation. Other studies have shown a negative or harmful impact by unloading mental baggage and separating ourselves from our thoughts and then discarding them.
Which is the best Mindfulness App?
If you're looking for more than the average app – that typically offers advice in an a la carte form, then the Human Cosmos App is the best one out there. The key differentiator being that all of the AI-Guide's recommendations come directly from the information you tell it – your signature code – unique to you, and only you.
Is Human Cosmos Free?
It is free to download and also offers premium features for a monthly price of $4.99.
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