Your true stories with Human Cosmos
Regardless of life circumstances, current problems or needs, everyone will be able to create their own special experience with our universal app.

Here are some real stories of our users that could motivate you tostart living better today and create your own mindfulness routine with Human Cosmos.
Increased anxiety
"I live in a big city and work in a large corporation. I like my active lifestyle and have a pretty successful career, but I sometimes felt very anxious and worried. It was taking me ages to fall asleep because I lay awake in bed rehashing my entire day and trying to make plans for the future, drowning in my fears, driving myself crazy with self-doubt. On top of it all, the pandemic had worn me out, I was exhausted from all the multitasking and endless zoom conference calls.

I was saved by… an app. That's right, a simple phone app! Human Cosmos App helped me relax and calm my nerves. I started listening to the "Anxiety" practice every evening – it's a really relaxing and practical program that calms your mind and gives you concrete suggestions for managing your stress. In my worst moments of severe negative feelings, Human Cosmos App taught me to observe my emotions and work through my stress holistically. Sometimes I listen to practices that teach finding calm and serenity, but mostly I just listen to calming music. It's my way of meditating. I'm sleeping better and I no longer feel stressed and on the verge of burnout. Who said gadgets are bad for you?"
"Human Cosmos App helped me relax and calm my nerves."
Low productivity
"I have a hard time focusing on what I'm working on because I work remotely and am constantly distracted by texts and messages, city noise or my kids. All of these combined have significantly lowered my productivity, I've squandered my energy on trivial details and have completely lost sight of my goal. Truth be told, I didn't have an actual goal. I was just going with the flow – work-home-work. And lately it has all become a blur.

I started a search for a service that could help me systemize my workflow and help me focus on it; I found the Human Cosmos app. I got hooked by its multifaceted approach to my specific problem – low productivity: I started using all the app's features and pinpointed all the ones that actually helped me.
  1. I set my mood for the day with a podcast. I never used to listen to "music for the brain", but nowadays, five minutes of mental practices make the whole work process go more smoothly.
  2. Daily insights. At the end of the day, I evaluate my work and my contribution to the job. What did I accomplish? What was successful and what wasn't? This line of questions leads to great self-visualization.
  3. The horoscope for the day. I don't really believe in horoscopes, but from time to time it's fun to read your predictions for the day and compare them to what actually happens.
I feel I've become more systematic and more productive. My work is no longer chaotic and disorganized, and I've finally set myself a realizable goal – I want to be the head of my department by the end of the year and switch to co-working. It's all within reach. I'm on the move."
"I got hooked by its multifaceted approach to my specific problem"
Life imbalance
"For some reason, my life has always been a seesaw. If things were great at work, my personal life was a complete mess. If I met a great guy – I got laid off. If I started making good money – I lost interest in doing my job. I thought that was just how life was. I often railed against this cosmic injustice, and one day a colleague suggested I start meditating: "It's a great way to pause and reevaluate your priorities." She recommended I download Human Cosmos because it's for everyone, including total beginners. So, I downloaded it to try it out, but it turned out to be so much more than a simple meditation app. In fact, it's a whole integrated mind and body development system. Wow.

What won me over was that it lets you set your own level of "success" in each sphere of life, as well as offering practical recommendations for building up your "lagging" spheres. It's an exact visualization of your life balance. At the time, I was having money problems, so I did the practices from the "Prosperity" section. I was amazed to find that the motivational podcasts and positive thinking practices actually work. It's not magic, it's a combination of psychotherapy and neurophysiology.

I'm now closer than ever before to having harmony in my life. I've grasped prosperity. I don't claim to be a millionaire or to be able to compete with Kylie Jenner, but I'm definitely on my way to attaining life balance and financial stability."
"I got hooked by its multifaceted approach to my specific problem"
Lack of life purpose
"I've tried many different professions but have never felt I'd found my calling. There was never any spark: "Wow, this is what I want to spend my life doing. And I'm good at it!" It kind of bothered me that at 30, I had no big achievements or lofty ideals to boast of – I worked as a fitness trainer, I hadn't started a family, nor was I particularly adventurous. An ordinary life.

But at a certain point I decided to find "myself". I went on a retreat, I got a dog, I signed up for a dozen or so self-discovery classes. But the key to opening the door to "Self-discovery" for me was downloading the Human Cosmos app. It was as if all the things I'd tried and studied on my own beforehand were gathered in this app.

Right from the start of the in-depth user questionnaire, the app asks very specific questions which make you consider who you are from different angles. With Human Cosmos, you are in a constant state of reflection and self-analysis. You keep a personal journal for self-reflection, you set goals for yourself, you listen to and do mind and body practices to help you organize your dreams and goals and visualize your life accurately. I followed all the recommendations to the letter, and I found my purpose. I worked really hard at it, but I have to say that I owe the lion's share of my success to the Human Cosmos algorithm. The app adapts to your individual needs and desires, it takes its cues from you, sensing your pain and struggles. This is a fantastic tool which I just know will help many people.

If you're interested – my life goal is enlightened awareness. I want to promote a healthy lifestyle, I want to popularize awareness and help people get rid of their bad habits. I'm incredibly pleased to have gained so much self-knowledge."
"With Human Cosmos, you are in a constant state of
reflection and self-analysis."
Lack of self confidence
"Being stuck in a toxic relationship and finding it really hard to leave, I became quite inhibited and consumed with self-doubt. For a long time, I was repeatedly told I was useless and had nothing to offer, and I came to believe it myself. My therapist helped me realize this self-perception had been imposed on me and that I needed to work through it. That was my homework – self-therapy.

I first tried affirmations, but they didn't work for me. No matter how often you tell a squirrel it's a panther, it's not likely to believe you. What I needed was a holistic approach. That's when my therapist suggested I start using a mental health chatbot for enhancing mental resilience and well-being. I chose the Human Cosmos app.

This app was created based on highly empathic technology. It's called Astra and it helps you when times are tough. I also keep a diary on the app where I record my successes on my path to self-love. I'm proud to say that I'm already treating myself with more care and compassion than before. Thanks to Human Cosmos, my anxiety is less frequent, I don't feel lonely, and I'm getting stronger. I still have a long way to go, but now I can say with confidence: "I'm not a squirrel."
"Thanks to Human Cosmos, my anxiety is less frequent, I don't feel lonely, and
I'm getting stronger."
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