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Anastasia B.
Cosmos Human is a unique program that was a real discovery for me. Absolutely every resident of the metropolis just needs such a powerful reload. I will not even list now why this is so. Just try and feel your condition, evaluate your thoughts during the course. The steps of the program are so simple and enjoyable that participating in it makes you feel like you are playing a fascinating quest. Of course, there is a moment of overcoming in the tasks, but, figuratively, this is not boxing, but rather an intellectual game with oneself. And therefore, you can only win in it!
Anna A.
Huge knowledge is now available to us from various sources. And it is very important to choose the best for yourself. At Alia, I gained new knowledge that inspired me to new exploits and my admiration for her active life position cannot but inspire! A very large-scale approach, detailing everything from how we wake up, what we eat and what we think. Without an integrated approach, the result is impossible.
Maria G.
I attended various trainings and marathons, but yours has something special, not like the others.
I really liked the Wizard's techniques, neurography, intention and thanks for the day (I use them now) I see how space is changing, people😀 And the most special thing for me is the attitude of my children! I worked on them for a long time, but it was after you that they became really friendly with us, whims left, and many declarations of love appeared🤗
During the course, a lot of insights came, unexpectedly resolved issues that had long been in limbo. And in general, everything is somehow easily solved.
Tatyana Z.
Thank you for such an interesting, energetically warm course! All tasks are built in an unusually interconnected manner — when you start to complete tasks, you immediately discover your "weaknesses" —that you absolutely do not want to do.
But, realizing the need to go into this "growth zone", you sometimes do it even through force, as if joining the Game, completing tasks - you clear your "blockages" - both in the energy and in the literal sense)) This process quite logically causes depression - and here - pleasant practices with color and pattern, as a gift and a reminder - "there is nothing to worry about, just take it and do it"
The whole system of exercises, practices and observation of oneself and one's reactions is very thoughtful and developed here. Лии Alia's deep, accurate, verified work, her practical approach are visible - she shares her best practices found and tested over the years, for which many thanks to her!
Natalya S.
After the course, I became even more conscious. I pay more attention and fix my thoughts. Corrected her daily practice a bit.
Since I am in a stream and in the process of my own practice, I can say that miracles happen every day and very important things happen.
In general, I am interested in the detuning, synchronization and interaction of several systems as a whole, that is, man-space is an amazing knowledge that attracts and captures. I am also interested in the microcosm and the interaction of him and man.
I am grateful to Aliya for the precise elaboration of some important points for me, which I did not really pay attention to.
Our experts
Practices in the Cosmos Human app are selected by our experts. They offer a variety of approaches so you can find the best for you
Tatiana Plastinina
Psycholinguist and Sociologist
Tatiana has been practicing in Western, Tibetan, European and Veda astrology for more than 20 years. She is also certified in Ayurveda and Reiki.
Elena Mihailova
Professional Astrologer & Instructor
Elena has over 15 years experience in European astrology.
Composer and Musician
Aleksei composes music for meditation and is a Universal Music artist. He is also author of the book, "Purpose", and has developed deep insights into wellness practices.