Human Cosmos App
Your personal AI-guru
Human Cosmos App was designed to help people in uncovering their purposes and pursuing goals in all the important life spheres.
What is Human Cosmos?
We've created the new systemic concept of the human&universe interaction.

Then we've put this knowledge up into the neural network, that can analyze the diversity and complexity of the interaction between human and surrounding world.

As the result, we introduce an artificial intelligence, that converts a wealth of information into daily practical recommendations and forecasts, that help to achieve goals in the essential spheres of life.
Why is it so important?
We want to change the world by helping individuals to become the better version of themselves.
The app will guide you in achieving your goals faster and with more efficiency in all the essential life spheres.

The Artificial intelligence assists person in the self-improvement quest and facilitates practice mastering of the body and mind growth.

Daily personal plan of development consists of the best self-improvement practices and forecasts.

How it works?
Personal diagnostics system
Not only fully analyzes, but also remembers the current condition of the number of the parameters.

Defines personal strengths as well as facets that need improvement. Makes up data for the artificial intelligence.
Atificial intelligence
Creates the personal plan of goals achieving in all the essential spheres of life based on the diagnostics.

Daily interaction with the app configures AI with your personality, living conditions and picked up goals.
Daily recommendations
In accordance to your personal plan, everyday you will get get important recommendations, forecasts and practices.

AI constantly adjusts your program by tracking your progress and measuring the efficiency of the recommendations proposed.

Speech module AI-Guru implementation
Neural network AI-Guru will engage the dialog and make up the recommendations real-time.
Biochemical paramenters and genetic keys will be introduced into the system.
Diagnostics parameters extension
Neural network AI-Guru well record physical parameters real-time.
Portable device designing
What is next?
Meet our experts
Tanya Naski
Psycholinguist and Sociologist
Tanya has been practicing in Western, Tibetan, European and Veda astrology for more than 20 years. She is also certified in Ayurveda and Reiki.
Helen Mitch
Professional Astrologer & Instructor
Helen has over 15 years experience in European astrology.
Alex Komov
Composer and Musician
Alex composes music for meditation and is a Universal Music artist. He is also author of the book, "Purpose", and has developed deep insights into wellness practices.
Meet our team
Aliya Grig
Founder&lead inspirer of cosmos human
Aliya is a cosmic visionary, futurist, Co Founder of Galaktika, author of children's books about the universe, mentor at Moscow Skolkovo schools, and TedTalks speaker.
Aleksandra Phelan
Head of Communication

Aleksandra has been working in Communication and Marketing in Russia and USA for over 15 years.
Aleksandra has experience of working with global lifestyle and beauty brands.
Masha Varnavski
Digital Marketing Strategist

Social Media/ Digital Marketing Manager with 8 years of experience.
Marina Potriaskova
Project Manager and Instructional Designer
Marina leads the conceptual and methodological parts of the project. She works with the experts to select the most suitable content and format of its delivery in the app.
Anton Kuznetsov
Product owner & CTO

Anton is in charge of the product's technical requirements. He holds PHD in Computer science and owns a technical company.
Alexey Demin
Marketing Director

is in charge of all the markiting tasks. He used to work as creative director for Coca-Cola, Veon, Deloitte.
Elena Popova

Elena developes the Cosmos Human methodology system, as well as chat bot based on the system, selects psychological practices for the app and designing diagnostics to assess the user's condition.
Daniela Dovganych
Community Manager & content methodist/copywriter
Daniela does translation and shapeshifts various practices into an AI-language formatHer professional background includes art healing retreat organizing, holistic guidance practice, mindfulness-event facilitation.
Uma Sandal
Practices selector&Experts Coordinator

Uma creates the experts community, collects the content and materials for practices and podcasts.She has projects organizing and managing, art-director, social projects managing, travel manager, producer, coordinator.
Evgenia Plikhina
Content manager

Evgenia developes content strategies for Instagram account,
writes, edit and proofreads content, manages content team. She used to be deputy editor-in-chief in Cosmopolitan Ukraine magazine.
Michail Chinov
Chief data scientist and AI
Michail has worked more than 15 years in machine learning sphere and AI.
Anna Shakirova
App designer
Anna is responsible for interface designing
During her career she has developed great skills various spheres of design.

Michele Weyland
In-house Translator and Proofreader
Michele does texts translating and proofreading. Her professional background includes working in CNN Moscow, American Councils, she also has worked as language coach at American University, Washington, DC.
Tatyana Plakhova
Tatyana is in charge of thr app's visual. She has extensive experince as digital artist in various projects.