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Deepening understanding of our interconnectedness - on this planet and beyond it.
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Our Mission
We co-created this space to accelerate the cosmic shift essential for our continued existence and evolution as a species. The Community is founded on a shared vision: to bring about a new global culture based on the principles of personal development, sustainability, compassion, support and openness.
We dream the future
Many have tried to envisage the future, but most of us don't get to see it become a reality. Cosmos Community changes this. We're dreaming it, inventing it, and building it. We bring the future into the present.
We breathe sustainability
To reverse the damage humanity has inflicted upon this planet, we need to educate current and future generations, empowering them to find solutions to the present crisis. Through partnerships with philanthropists, climate activists and scientists, we will generate leading sustainability improvements.
We inspire humanity
Old values and approaches to business, communication, education, and social integration are no longer working. We've seen that our world urgently needs new opportunities for development and new ideas. We're generating these ideas and inspiration.
How to become a member of the community
Fill in the form and receive a reply
Membership in the Cosmos Community is by personal invitation. Submit your request to join so we can learn more about you. All applications are read by real people, so the wait time may take up to two weeks. We will give you an answer either way, and if we are on the same path, we will soon meet at Cosmos.
Meet the community
After your profile has been verified and approved, you will receive a letter to your registered email. The letter will contain a link to enter the community. The space operates on the Instagram platform @humancosmosapp. Make sure to provide your IG nickname when filling out the form. Once you are in the community, you get to know those who are already here, and you can subscribe to thematic chats to connect with like-minded people, work on ideas in teams, and attend community events.
Open your own Cosmos within the community
People who bring the mindset to develop Cosmos and create something new together make the Cosmos Community better for everyone. You're not a guest but a pivotal member of this community. Feel free to get acquainted, suggest ideas, and always ask: "How can I help?" The atmosphere and power of Cosmos depends on each of us.
Welcome to Cosmos.
We're shaping our future in the present.