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I feel uncertain about my future and have no idea which way to go.
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On the basis of human design, AI, and NASA data we can discover your path for today with a high degree of accuracy.
I often have anxiety and doubt my abilities.
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Our newsletter will give you insights on how to be happier, guide you to the right decisions, and show how to turn your strengths into habits.
Daily Guidance is a daily personalized newsletter that helps you remove uncertainty, make good decisions and predict the future.

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We know you are busy, so there will be no abstract information, no longreads. Microlearning is the most efficient way for adults. Less is more as a style of life.
Raise awareness
Decisions depend on you. We won't give you what to do or not to do. However, we'll help you to understand the consequences of your choices. The best way is to find the path that will contribute to your results soon.
Gain confidence
You will definitely know how to find your place in the world and what to expect from it. Certainty will make your life more amusing and assured
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I reduced stress level because with help of daily guidance.
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Daily guidance is the best tool that helps you cope with anxiety and uncertainty
Our Creators
Founder & CEO
Aliya is tech entrepreneur. In the past she launched successfully and sold 2 hardware tech startups, and developed 3 space tech startups. Overall attracted $220 M investments.
Chief data scientist and AI
Michail has worked more than 15 years in the machine learning sphere and AI. He is the creator of an algorithm which is used today in international banks.
During her 7 years spiritual journey through Asia Liana has developed her own unique techniques for spiritual growth inspired by Vipassana meditation and traditional Tibetian Buddist Meditation.
Psychologist & Metodologist
Works on the methodological and psychological foundation of the project. Over 12 years experience in psychology and psychotherapy.
Human Design Specialist
Natali has stadied Human Design for 6 years. She explores the impact of Planetary transits from the HD perspective; provides practical recommendations for daily life and the general description of each aspect of human nature.