Astrology: Is It Scientific and How to Apply It to Life?

Is astrology real? The science behind the astrology chart.
Astrology has become an increasingly popular topic lately. Someone thinks that the influence of the change in the position of celestial bodies on a person is absurd, but someone seriously takes up their study and accepts this connection. Whether to believe in horoscope science or not, that’s your choice to decide.
However, if you want to understand the basic principles of this sphere, you need to approach the learning wisely. In this article, you will find out why weekly horoscopes don't work for everyone and how to find out your personal forecast.

Zodiac Signs: Where Do Zodiac Signs Come From?

The first mention of the zodiac signs existence appeared in the astronomy of ancient Babylon. This is where the division of the year into 12 calendar months came from. In astrology, the signs of the Zodiac are divided and equal areas of the celestial sphere.

Translated from Greek, "zodiacal circle" means "circle of animals." There are twelve signs of the zodiac constellations in total, but not all of them are the images of animals or even living beings. Among them ー Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. The names of the signs come from the zodiacal constellations that previously corresponded to them. However, in the centuries that followed, the stars drifted along the grid of signs, and today most of the astronomical zodiac constellations are projected onto the next sign.

What is an astrology sign? What is my zodiac sign?

Why you shouldn’t trust the horoscopes by zodiac signs. 

It is believed that when a person is born under a certain zodiac sign, he or she is automatically endowed with character and those qualities that are inherent in his/her sign. Perhaps this is partially true, but we must remember that we are all different persons after all. We are born with different possibilities and under different circumstances. Genetics also plays an important role. Of course, nature has an influence on us, but there is a number of other factors due to which the our own “Myself” is formed.

Remember when you studied the horoscope for your zodiac sign for the next day, month, year, and in real life did not observe any similarity with the forecast? This is because it is simply impossible to determine one horoscope for all people born under a certain sign. Experienced astrologers, making a general forecast for the signs of the zodiac, always warn that everything they say may not resonate with absolutely every person. This is precisely because we were all born under different circumstances. 

If the general predictions you’ve heard from YouTube bloggers or read on the Internet do not work, then how can you forsee your future? To do this, you can calculate your natal chart or use the services of a specialist or a specialized app like our Human Cosmos.

Natal chart ー is an astrological chart that includes the location of the planets at the date, exact time and place of your birth. Based on this information, you can describe the traits of the person who owns the card, and even predict possible events in their life. See, the question “Is zodiac real?” has automatically been answered. If you think wisely you get a practical result.

What do planets have to do with astroprognosis? 

Planets are important in astrology science. Actually, they have a top importance of elements in the natal chart. Depending on the kind of planet that was in your zodiac sign at the time of your birth you can find out what influence it has on you.

The planets in the chart are divided into personal, social and external. The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars belong to personal ones.

The sun is the core of life, a symbol of self-expression. It is by the Sun that you can find out the basic information about your personality.

The moon is responsible for emotions and feelings, instinctive behavior and intuition. Also, the Moon outlines the influence of the subconscious on us.

Mercury is known for its communication. This planet is responsible for our communication, connection with the outside world.
Venus, the goddess of beauty in Roman mythology, is guided by our senses and is also often responsible for finances. Venus is the female planet and is responsible for marriage, harmony in relationships and love in general. In the male horoscope, this planet will tell men about their ideal type of women.

Mars is a masculine symbol. The planet is responsible for aggression, war, physical and muscular activity. In the horoscope for women, Mars displays the characteristics of men that best suit for relationship preferences.

Jupiter is one of two social planets that showcase your interaction with the outside world. It helps to be more organized and brings good luck.

The position of the last social planet is occupied by Saturn, which is responsible for order and restrictions. This planet brings up an inner adult in us and sets a framework for life.

The outer planets are responsible for our personal energy, which we transmit to society. These planets include Pluto, Neptune and Uranus.
Pluto is associated with transformation. The planet has the ability to cleanse space from excess energies.
Neptune is responsible for inspiration. This planet patronizes the cinema, music and art in general. 
Uranus symbolizes revolution. This planet is associated with surprise.

And which planet is yours? 

Aries: Mars
Taurus: Venus
Gemini: Mercury
Cancer: Moon
Leo: Sun
Virgo: Mercury
Libra: Venus
Scorpio: Pluto
Sagittarius: Jupiter
Capricorn: Saturn
Aquarius: Uranus
Pisces: Neptune

Planets, astrology, and horoscopes: how are they interconnected with each other?

Planets in the houses — what does that mean?

Science of astrology is also about understanding how the position of the personal planet may affect your life events.Prediction of probable events in life is based on the twelve houses of the horoscope, each of them is responsible for its own, specific area of ​​human life. Unlike the signs of the Zodiac, humanity has not yet discovered a single ancient literary, philosophical or logical source of this information. The doctrine of houses is believed to have originated around the first century BC.

There are many systems for calculating the location of houses. Only 12 of them are classic due to their wide popularity. Houses do not have a clearly marked territory that belongs to them. The size is only conditional and, moreover, it tends to change during the day. In astrology, it is more important to understand the position of the planet in the house, and not in the sign of the zodiac.

So, these houses are sort of indicators in which area the influence of signs and planets on us will be most powerful. The signs of the planet are the energy itself, but the house is the place where this energy will be used.

First house
The first house is about ourselves. This includes both our external data and gait, character traits, physical data, etc. This is the person's personality and how other people see us.

Second house
In this house, our leadership abilities may be revealed. Also, it is the identification of the financial, profitable and even spiritual sides of a person. This is where your success in management of talents and other resources are determined.

Third house
Mindfulness is concentrated in the third house. Here you learn about organizational skills, as well as how to improve your studies or business.

Fourth house
This sector describes more specific life circumstances - own family, home and other real estate. It gives an idea of the initial starting conditions, including the characteristics of family education, experience and traditions inherited.

Fifth house
Attention, respect and worship are found in the fifth house. Here charisma and even acting, craving for adrenaline and creativity are concentrated here.

Sixth house
The sixth house is responsible for our work, health and animals. Here you will learn everything to the smallest detail about the business that can bring profit, about the teammates and even possible events at work. Also in the sixth house you can understand how you feel about animals, and which pet is the best for you.

Seventh House
This house will show your interaction with people. Here, you can understand what kind of relationship you have with family, friends, work colleagues and even enemies. Also you can find answers to questions regarding marriage or your partner.

Eighth house
Anything abnormal, mystical, elemental or fatal is concentrated in the eighth house. It is even possible to predict danger you may face.

Ninth house
The ninth house will tell you about your spiritual development and attitude towards religion. The answers to questions about success, fame, travel, moving and new discoveries are displayed here.

Tenth house
Here we can reveal our calling and how to achieve more in life. You can learn how to use your talents for the public service.

Eleventh house
House of Fortune. Also, the eleventh house will tell about your good intentions, whether you are ready to provide selfless help or whether the activity of a volunteer is close to you.

Twelfth house
The last house is endowed with a mystery. This field will tell you about your psychic or behavioral abilities, clairvoyance. It also includes everything related to hospitals, prisons and even mental problems. Often, creativity, inspiration and spiritual growth are concentrated here.

And how to figure out the planets in these houses?

Honestly, at some point I couldn’t handle all the calculations anymore.
You really need to dive deep in this science in order to get all those astro ducks in one row. There’re some free online automatic calculators, but somehow each of them showed me different results. 
So what to do now? Use our Human Cosmos app. Besides the trusted astroprognosis for every day (based on your date, time and place of birth, all rules are followed), you get recommendations on meditation practices, daily journal for your thoughts and tracking progress and a personal AI assistant in those emotionally hard moments. 
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