Human Design: 4 Types Of People

What is Human Design?
What haven’t we heard about human design lately. “There is nothing interesting”, they shout. “It’s a salvation, a knowing one's own nature tool ”, another answered. “This is science, the revelation from above, the ancient wisdom”, thirds considered. 

So what is this system that is causing so much disputes? Who is Ra Uru Hu and how is he related to the supernova star death? Is there a place for mysticism in the human design? How to identify which one of human design types is yours? and, finally, how will it help in life? We will answer all these questions in this article.

What is Human Design?

Perhaps at least once we ask ourselves such kinds of questions:
  • how to learn to make the right decisions?
  • how to implement my talents and achieve success?
  • how can I build a harmonious relationship?
  • what is my destiny?
  • how am I different from others? 

Followers of the “human design” system claim to find answers through the practice of self-understanding and personal growth. The adherents of the theory study the person's energy structure, look for the link between human mind and intelligence with planets, using the genetic code for this - date, time and place of birth.

Skeptics consider “human design” as a pseudo-science, followers claim that their knowledge is based on the classical sciences synthesis. Namely, they combined the foundations of chemistry, physics, biology, genetics, astronomy and mathematics with esotericism and various spiritual practices. The human design founders were getting carried away with the interpretation of the Hindu chakra system, astrology, Kabbalah and the Chinese I-Jin teaching about the link between man and space.

The “human design” postulates are very extensive.For example, according to the theory, there are four types of people that differ from each other at the genetic level. In this case, one part of the genetic code is activated at the birth moment, while the other remains untapped, “sleeping”, throughout the life. Each person's abilities depend on the solar system planets position at the time of birth. Each person has own way of knowing the inner nature.

But sometimes human design includes non standard solutions, which have no practical basis at first glance.For example, "it is contraindicated to take medication during illness for people with sensitive immune system"; "Emotional people need to listen to the phone with their right ear"; or "people who can hear and compose music well should not eat being not in the mood."

The sense of the "design" is to help a person to understand how to live a successful and happy life.If people achieve success in self-understanding they will be able to make right decisions. 

How to read a Human Design chart?

How did such a system as human design appear?

Let's go back to 1987. Iranian-Iraqi war is raging, Margaret Thatcher again became prime minister in Britain, soviet citizens expect radical reforms by “reformation period”, The Beatles' song was first released on CD. But we are interested in two events: the Supernova star death and the duman design system creation, which are supposedly related.

Alan Krakower, the human design system creator, lived in Canada. He had a full family and a prestigious job as a TV producer. Everything went on as usual, but at some point Alan plunged headlong into an existential crisis and became disillusioned in life. He threw everything for the sake of traveling the world searching for a sense of existence and his true destiny. At the system creation time Alan lived in Ibiza, in a dilapidated house in the middle of the forest.

Alan Krakower looks like an average Canadian: gray hair, a cap, a neatly trimmed beard. He could teach physics to kids (he has been doing this for many years) or sell hot dogs during a baseball game.But he became the creator of a new teaching that combined hundreds of thousands of people.

During 8 days and 8 nights, the unknown "voice" was talking to Alan. And he was writing down, organizing and pondering what was said. On the 8th day, the voice disappeared as suddenly as it appeared, giving Alan the new name Ra Uru Hu. 

The transfer of knowledge to Alan coincided with the Supernova star death. A star named 1987A enveloped the planet with a stream of subatomic information - neutrino particles (they have a small mass and pervade all space). And at the same time, on the island of Ibiza, the information about the Universe structure appeared in Alan's head.

Alan, now Ra, dedicated the following years to testing new knowledge. In 1990, he came to the United States, where for 5 years he was leading seminars and teaching the new knowledge to the first analysts. Alan-Ra became really popular and traveled with his seminars almost all over Europe.  

Alan was formulating the foundations of the “human design” system in terms that are understandable for himself as for a physicist: channels, electromagnetism, resonance, energy, certainty, and so on. He never believed in mysticism, that is why he tried to comprehend new knowledge and check its truth until his death in 2011. Therefore, he did not try to make people believe in the design - for a skeptic, there are enough reasons for criticism. Alan just recommended to “experiment” and try to get to know yourself through this system.

What is the link between human design and planets?

In order to know their true nature, the human design followers make the rave-cards or bodygraphs. They are constructed based on how the planets were located at the time of human birth. At the moment of birth, billions of neutrinos passed through you and in a particular way were “programmed” to be who you are. The adherents of the human design system consider so.

Using this method, you can find out the type of person, recognize the so-called “false self” (who the person is not), determine the talents and authority. The human design system followers are convinced that a rave-card will help to find oneself out, to understand inner forces. Thus, it will become easier for people to achieve their goals, correctly prioritize, and use their strengths.

The bodygraph is composed based on the planets influence. This is one of the key concepts in the system, that is why the human design is often called “the new astrology”. According to the theory, each celestial object leaves an indelible imprint on an individual map and on a person therefore.

The planets significance in the human design:

  • The sun is what we are, self-determination
  • The Earth is an expression on the terrestrial, material and day-to-day levels. The support in life.
  • The moon is what leads and moves us through the life
  • The Orbital Node is the space around us. The second half of the life
  • The South Node is the space around us. The first half of the life
  • Mercury is communication, what a person should transmit to the world
  • Venus is human morality, values and convictions
  • Mars is strong and immature energy, manifestation in conflicts
  • Jupiter is a personal (internal) human law
  • Saturn is a way of retribution for breaking your law (Jupiter)
  • Uranus is chaos and disorder, unusual qualities
  • Neptune is a place of mysticism and spiritual development
  • Pluto is the search for Truth in the polarity of Light and Dark

According to the planet's location at the person's birth, during the "reading" of the bodygraph you can determine the tendencies, character, talents and goals in life. The bodygraph displays the channels of a person. There are 36 of them. There are those which are responsible for the struggle, for openness, rational consciousness and others. Nine triangles and squares are also drawn on each bodygraph. These are energy centers. They are also responsible for the inclinations of a person.

The types of human design are determined based on the bodygraph. There are 4 of them, and we will talk about them further.

Types of people in human design: interpretation

The division of people for 4 types reflects 4 main groups from which DNA is built. They are called “four bases” in genetics.

In human design, energy and non-energy types are separated. The first are Manifestors and Generators. The second group includes Projectors and Reflectors. They do not create energy themselves, but largely depend on their environment. Therefore, they are recommended to carefully select the people to communicate with.

Manifestor human design:

Strategy: to inform - for adults, to ask permission - for children
Purpose: rest
Anti-purpose (false self): anger
Aura: opened, repulsive
Topic: influences (who do I influence?)
Representatives: Johnny Depp, Mao Zedong, Monica Bellucci, Tom Cruise.

Only 8% of the population belongs to the Manifestors. This is the energy-generating type that is able to take the initiative. Historically, Manifestors have been the governors and legislators. The majority of the rules and regulations by which we live were once created by the Manifestors.

The energy from such people is in full swing. Even their low voice can be formidable. In childhood, the Manifestors are afraid that they will not be allowed to do something. Therefore, the resistance increases and the anger may arise, which is a “false self” for the Manifestors.

Manifestors can be compared to the strikers on a football field. Their role is to score a goal and succeed on their own. The public loves them, but  they often don't reciprocate. It is always lonely at the top of the mountain, and this is known to the Manifestors like no one else is.

Generator human design:

Strategy: wait to respond
Purpose: satisfaction
Anti-purpose (false self): disorder, frustration
Aura: opened, hugging
Topic: Who am I? (Will I be asked?)
Representatives: Dalai Lama, Mozart, Madonna, Albert Einstein

Generators are the most common type of person - 67% of the population. Surely there are generators in your environment. It is pretty easy to recognize them.They own the irresistible energy, being in movement all the time. Due to this, they risk becoming a workhorse, greatly carried away by helping others and forgetting about themselves. The secret of success for the Generators is satisfaction. They need to be selfish and do only satisfying things.

There are two types of the Generators - pure and manifesting. The main difference is that the pure generators work in stages, as if climbing a mountain: step by step, ledge by ledge. The manifesting generators want everything at once, without waiting for an answer. They are very effective and will not miss out on what's important. From the first move, the manifesting generators aim at the “kings” at once.

In a football team, generators would play in defense. They wait for the ball to hit them. Their strength lies in how they react to the ball.

Projector human design:

Strategy: wait for an invitation
Purpose: success (to get recognition)
Anti-purpose (false self): bitterness, resentment
Aura: focusing, absorbing
Topic: Who are you? (Will they notice me?)
Representatives: Elizabeth II, George Clooney, Fidel Castro, Steven Spielberg.

Projectors account for 24% of the population. The proverb works for them: "Tell me who your friend is and I will tell you who you are". Their environment is a mirror of their personality. This is how the Projectors define themselves.Therefore, the Projectors often choose the Generators as partners. It is important for the Projectors that someone discerns their talents and potential, and only then they can manifest themselves.

Since childhood, the main difficulty for the Projector is inconspicuousness. They are afraid  they will remain a “gray mouse”, not be seen and not admitted. Therefore, they do not wait for an invitation and go ahead. As a result, they often get the bitterness of defeat and, consequently, resentment for the whole world.

In the football team, they are assigned the role of a midfielder, between the Manifestors and Generators. An important task lies on the shoulders of the Projector: to ensure a well-coordinated game, to pass the ball to the strikerы and defenders. The talent is to see the right direction and the opportunity to score a goal.

Reflector human design:

Strategy: wait for 29.5 days
Purpose: surprise
Anti-purpose (false self): disappointment
Aura: resisting, trying
Topic: Who am I today? (Can I be myself?)
Representatives: Herbert Wells, Sandra Bullock, Michael Jackson, Rosalynn Carter.

A rare type of person, only 1% of the population belongs to it. The reflectors are the only ones who live according to the lunar calendar. There are no clear centres in its bodygraph, that is why it can live all other types for the entire cycle. They are recommended to make decisions after 29.5 days, depending on their own opinion and listening to the others advice.

The Reflector is the mirror of everything around us. Their task is to see something unusual, to reflect what is admired. The Reflector seeks to find its place in life, to gain a foothold in its spatial niche. This is their main fear - not to find themselves. Therefore, they often imitate those around them, losing their own way.

The Reflector’s role in this world is complex and deep. They exist to connect all people. They are goalkeepers in the football team.

Each type of person has its own clear strategy. The Manifestors must inform, the Generators with their own ocean of energy must wait and react, the Projectors must direct, and the Reflectors have to wait 29.5 days to make an important decision.

In our Human Cosmos application, you can automatically calculate which type you are, you just need to enter the date, time and place of birth. The data is not shared with third parties, so it is safe.

What can human design tell us about?

Firstly, being a self-knowledge practice, human design is capable of determining his personality type, describing a psych profile, based on the location of the planets at the time of a person's birth. It will include all innate talents, abilities and characteristics. Secondly, human design makes it possible to look at those qualities that are not inherent in the personality, not its natural strength. Thus, it becomes possible to understand how to build your strategy in order to achieve success in life.

Human design teaches not only self-understanding, but also making the right decisions for oneself. It is also a personal growth technique. There is only one hint: you should also rely on bodily sensations, and not be guided only by logic. There should be an internal response to every step, while rational decision-making is a combination of the past experience of people who are strangers to us, the environment advice. All these things can lead you to a mistake.

There is so much pressure, stress and a constant race for something unnecessary in our life. We often strive for imposed goals, we doubt and forget why we are still needed in this world. As a result, we get angry at ourselves and become disappointed in reality. That is why people turn to the human design system. This theory seeks to show people themselves, their real nature, in order to move through life more easily, to throw an extra burden off. Human design is not about spiritual practices, but about quite real everyday things - work, creativity, relationships and raising children. 
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