Habits of the Highly Conscious People

How to achieve more self-awareness and improve consciousness
Being mindful is a lifestyle that a person chooses for him(her)self. However, always positive-minded people simply do not exist. Even if you try to argue and say that you are subscribed to such an eternally cheerful blogger on social media, this does not mean to be entirely true. Remember: you only see what is shown to you.

Each of us has the right to show negative emotions, feel tired, sad, depressed even people who are self-conscious. The full range of our emotions makes us who we are. But do not forget that negativity destroys us and harms our close circle of friends and relatives. That is why we should strive to spread positive energy, and in this article, you will learn what habits are necessary for this.

Where Does Conscious Begin?

If you have decided to take the first steps towards a conscious way of life, congratulations, you are on the right track! Be attentive to yourself is also a part of hard work. Self-awareness begins with the little things, following which you will find the balance in all areas of your life.

Learn to notice your emotions and reactions to some events. If you've caught yourself thinking negatively, feeling negative emotions ー that's okay. Allow yourself to feel them to the fullest: cry, get angry with yourself, talk it out and work it out. It's okay to experience different emotions. Never accumulate anything in yourself, and that’s what health-conscious is about.

Analyze how you feel about the people around you. Observe who you are communicating with, who are these people, and what kind of atmosphere does your circle creates for you? Do you feel motivated, desired to improve, does the mood gets higher with your friends, or do they drag you down? Build your environment to feel comfortable with them in any situation.

Reconsider your meal. Proper food is not only the saturation of the body with food but also the guarantee of beautiful skin, hair, and a fit body overall. Also, food affects our mood. Form a quality diet for yourself that will fill your body with useful trace elements and energy. It is important to understand that everything harmful that we put into our mouths will have consequences in a soon time. Yes, it may be delicious and we sometimes love to eat some junk food but remember that in this way we harm ourselves and take a step back. Realize that your body is a temple and your self-care starts from accepting this fact.

And start any diet that the Internet recommends you! It is better to consult a qualified doctor or nutritionist, who will compose a menu for you based on the needs of your body. So you will eliminate the risk of acquiring a variety of diseases and get only benefits from your meal.

Below we’ll list a few other habits of self-conscious people. Try to bring them to your life and you’ll see the power of mindfulness.

Self-reflection, contemplation, the Why questions are the tools for a more conscious self

Always Ask Themselves the Question - Why?

Our life is full of vanity. We are constantly running somewhere, doing something for somebody to get something that is necessary for our existence. For a moment, try to stop and ask yourself why you are doing these things. Do you do it out of pleasure, do you get a boost of energy, or are you forced to live this life because of the circumstances? If the second option is closer to you, think about how you can change the situation, and do you really want those changes or social media just influenced you to? It might be a long journey but at least start it with talking to your true inner-self and accept your true desires.

Try to find out from yourself why you communicate with your friends and why you are surrounded by such people. If you are unhappy with the people you keep in touch with, start changing yourself. You will immediately notice how others will look at you in a different way and, roughly speaking, you will weed out those with whom you now have different interests and views. Remember that to bring something new to your life, you need to make room for it. New, positively charged, inspiring people to pull themselves up if you yourself will broadcast this to the world. It is more pleasant to improve, work, and have fun with those people who create an atmosphere of kindness, positive energy, and motivation.

Just ask yourself Why? Find the answers within yourself and start changing your life for the better.

Objectively Assess Their Capabilities

It is important to understand what are your limits of abilities and disabilities. Be honest with yourself. No one can evaluate you better than yourself because only you know what you are capable of. You don’t have to take on a job that you don’t have the skills and resources to do. It will not benefit you or those around you. Such tasks should be approached gradually. Improve in the desired direction by taking small but sure steps and look for ways to do this. Try new ways, get some bumps, but remember that none of us can jump above our heads. For example, you can’t work as a Tech Lead in an IT company when you just started to learn what IT actually means. 
Accept yourself for who you are, and develop what was originally in you. Thoroughly analyze your capabilities and take full advantage of only what you are doing the best at this period of your life.

Know Boards of Their Comfort

We are all very different. Sometimes, in our life there are people who have the courage to oppress our desires or needs, to bring us discomfort, thinking only of themselves.

For others, it’s always better if you are gentle and trouble-free. But not for yourself. Be sure to explore your personality and body and determine what is acceptable to you and what is not, and don’t let anyone put you in an uncomfortable situation every day. It is very important to know your boundaries and stop any attempts by other people to violate them. You can still be a kind, friendly and helpful person, but being able to say no in situations that make you uncomfortable will be a useful skill for you.

At first, you may feel guilty. However, remember that you do not owe anything to anyone and have every right to do what is best for you. This does not mean that you urgently need to stop helping your friend with something, just because it takes at least a drop of your personal time and effort. Help and do good deeds always sincerely, from a pure heart, and only if the request does not cause you tangible discomfort.

Also, remember that your personal comfort zone is an integral part of a harmonious life and the natural functioning of mental health.

They Are Mindful

Very often our head is filled with thoughts about what we still have to do in the future. But a conscious person knows how to be in the moment and enjoy it. Focus on living “here and now” and realize that what happens at this very moment will never happen again.

Explore your thoughts. What are you thinking about? Are you focusing on something particular or is it just a flow? Try to understand yourself and be attentive to your consciousness. Notice your emotions and feelings. When buying a new item/walking in the park/preparing a new dish/jogging, how do you feel? Is it inspiration, joy, motivation, or a sense of duty? Do not hesitate to honestly admit your feelings, because this way you learn to be aware of your actions and change your life for the better.

As you walk down the street, notice what you are thinking about. Feel the ground under your feet, every breath of fresh air, and hear the pleasant singing of birds. As our head is always occupied with various thoughts, we simply do not notice the beauty around us. Focus on what is happening and you will see what an amazing world of sensations will open to you. For this try one of the mediations we’ve described in our previous article.

Allow Themselves to Rest

Not only physically but mentally also. Watching Netflix for the whole day might give you a sense of nice leisure, but imagine the harm for your eyes. I don’t even mention the posture — most of us watch movies in a quite weird position.
It doesn’t mean that you need to throw away TV, just diversify the rest time. Draw something, dance, watch a nice movie, play with kids, ride a bicycle, read a book — it’s all up to you. 
Just give yourself time to recover and don’t forget about meditation even for a couple of minutes. It’d be enough to recover mentally also.

Rest and listen to your body to become fully present

Compete Not With Other But Themselves

Learn to plan your activities so that you have time for mental and physical rest between them. Take a weekend break if you feel tired, and don't blame yourself for it. Do not overload yourself, because it does not lead to anything good. You and I are people, not robots, and after a long completion of tasks, we need time to recover strength, energy, and other resources. 
Learn to plan your activities so that you have time for mental and physical rest between them. Take a weekend break if you feel tired, and don't blame yourself for it.

They Don't Try to Keep Up With Everything

A modern person tries to have time to do all the things in the shortest possible time. This leads to headaches, stress, burnout, depression, and other equally serious illnesses and discomfort. To prevent this from happening to you, develop your time management skill and stop racing. If someone studies 20 languages it doesn’t mean that you should do the same. Especially when you don’t need those languages at all. 
Focus on the main things in your life and better keep up with your inner balance. That’s the only thing that is worth looking up to. 


It is not that hard to comply with the conscious people habits once you understand that your life is in your hands. That’s why you should try out a new meditation or one of the listed above advice right away. Are you willing to just read about mindfulness and discuss it or actually bring it in your new day?  
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