Heal from the past relationships
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There's no better feeling than being healed, whole, and madly
in love with the right person.

AI-powered Heartbreak Coach helps you create just that.

Imagine waking up WITHOUT pangs of pain and loneliness in your heart, and instead, starting your day feeling LIGHT, HEALED, WHOLE, and dare I suggest: MADLY in love with the RIGHT person
You pinch yourself over the simple things:
Sunday brunches in sweats & a messy bun, holding hands, reading the news.
Waking up to his sweet good-morning texts
Incorporating each other into family holiday plans
Finally having your person by your side at the plethora of weddings you attend.
Giddy feels on the reg, while also feeling secure, grounded & WILDLY attracted
Yes, all of the above is possible when you take coaching
Here's the good news…Not only are you NOT ALONE, but I can help, if you're believing any or all of the above to be true.
After years of trial and error with healing shattered hearts multiple times, and calling in the truest, most magical, pure, passionate, loyal, googly-goggly love, here's what I know to be true:
Your past relationships have NOTHING to do with your future ideal relationship.
You've just gotta learn how to put those past relationships to bed, once and for all—Yes, even the ones you're no longer nursing your heart over, but you may have unfinished business...
All the good guys AREN'T GONE.
If you believe that they are, you won't be able to find him.
The dating apps CAN BE atrocious ANNNNND
They AREN'T the reason why your search for love is so difficult.
Just because you've been doing the work doesn't mean you are a lost cause.
Also, you haven't been doing THIS work! Yes, therapy is powerful. So are yoga, meditation, and a library of self-help books, but THIS action-based coaching work will break patterns and yield you results you didn't think were possible.
Try AI-powered Heartbreak Coach on Messenger for $100/month and get:

1. Your personal relationship profile assessment. Simply completing this profile will give you immediate insight that will benefit you in love and relationships.
2. Personalized plan to heal from the past relationship.
3. Deeper exercises for greater self-discovery and freedom.

If you aren't satisfied with the coaching, you'll get your money back, no questions asked.

Coaching benefits
Let Go of Mr./Ms. Wrong.
Fall In Love With You.
Find Someone Better.
Clarity on how you got yourself entangled with him/her in the first place.
Complete closure on all past romantic relationships.
A DRAMA-FREE love-life.
Your appetite back.
Restful nights.
Authentic self-ownership, regardless of what he/she or anyone thinks.
Genuine love for who you see in the mirror.
The ability to focus, be present and ENJOY the rest of your life.
Enriched relationships with those OUTSIDE your love-life relationship.
Here's What You'll Learn
1. How to manage your obsessive, spirally, stubborn thoughts.
2. How to redirect your love for him/her back to YOU.
3. How to actually have FUN dating--yes, even on the apps!
4. How to STOP attracting Mr./Ms. Unavailables
5. How to call in your dreamiest partner, leaving you beyond
6. GRATEFUL what's-his/her-face is OUTTA THE PIC.

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1200 people every day
Jane Pertoy, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I bought this coaching after years of going through a very on & off toxic relationship, and I have found this work REMARKABLE. I honestly didn't believe I could ever get over my last heartbreak. It seemed almost impossible. I then did the work to fall in love with my own existence and I have been dating an AMAZING guy for the last five months! Also, I just had my birthday and was reflecting on where I was only a year ago, desperately hoping my ex would send me a "happy birthday!" text, and now my current person went through the effort of getting a stunning cake delivered and did all these little things to make me feel special. Thank you for helping me in ways you couldn't possibly imagine!
Emily Berk, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Claire's course is worth 10 times the amount. I'm self-coaching on a whole new level, and am having such profound breakthroughs that even my therapist was like, "wow you did 3 months of inner work in 2 days!" I came up with THIRTY-FIVE reasons why I DON'T want him back, and just that ALONE felt so liberating.
I feel like MYSELF again.
Lily North, ⭐⭐⭐⭐
What I so enjoy about these videos is that they set me up for making my OWN decisions. Anyone can implement and then practice this process with their own discernment, which is SO important, because at the end of the day, we can't have a coach 24/7, but you CAN rely on the videos that not only set you up for success in the introduction section, but teach you how SIMPLE finding your person actually can be. I love knowing that I have everything I need here, ALWAYS.
"The Artificial Intelligence system of the Human Cosmos App (called the AI Cosmic Guide) analyzes all the factors, provides a holistic diagnosis, and suggests your purpose"
"Personal assistant for effective work with personal goals and maintaining overall mental and emotional health"
"The app aims to help people in solving four basic problems: emotional burnout, weak immunity, stagnation in career or partnership relations "
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Heal from the past relationships
just for $100/month
If you aren't satisfied with the coaching, you'll get your money back, no questions asked.
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